Camp Horizon & Camp Brigadoon

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Camp Horizon

This Youth Camp is a national program run by Ostomy Canada. Easter Seals Camp Horizon is located at Bragg Creek, southwest of Calgary, Alberta. This is such an exceptional opportunity for kids to truly believe that they are not alone. We urge parents to look at every picture and ask yourself, should my child be here? 

The 2019 camp runs from July 7 - 12 

As a parent you might be thinking "My child has never been away from home ... my child has never been on a plane ... we don't have the resources ... he can't ... she can't ... I can't ... we can't." And maybe that is so. However, think about the following  -

  1. The Maritimes are a very small part of the population of Canada however 1 child out of every 6 who goes to Ostomy Camp comes from our region

  2. Camp Leaders are invariably ex campers, who had such a positive experience they ask to return as leaders.  Not only are the camp leaders ostomates but a fully qualified Enterostomal Nurse (ET) is present at all times

  3. Ostomy Canada and Ostomy Halifax work together to insure that NO child is ever turned down due to financial concerns

  4. Ostomy Halifax makes all the transportation arrangements including purchasing plane fares, seeing the kids off at the airport and meeting them when they return. For more info call Elaine 902-465-3533

  5. How do I contribute financially if I am able? The cost in July 2017 was approximately $1,700 per child which included camp fees and return airfare from Halifax. If you have the means we ask you to make a  contribution you can afford.  If you own a private jet, please let us know that too!  

Special thanks to Lisa Gausman for all the pictures which were taken at Camp Horizon. Lisa is the senior editor of Ostomy Canada's magazine and a member of the Ostomy Canada Youth Camp Committee.


Anna Campbell, who has had a cecostomy tube since she was four years old, spoke to Ostomy Halifax's December 2015 monthly meeting about her camp experience. Anna first went to ostomy camp when she was 12 years old. To read Anna's story click here

For more detailed information about the camp and the programs offered please go to Ostomy Canada's Youth Camp web page 

Does your child have a bladder issue caused by a birth defect, cancer or a motor vehicle accident? Full sponsorship for ALL camp costs may be available under the terms of the Shane Banfield Memorial Fund - email
for more information

Camp Brigadoon

"Giving extraordinary kids a chance to be ordinary"

Located on Aylesford Lake in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Camp Brigadoon is an overnight camp for kids ages 7-18 who are living with IBD, an ostomy or cecostomy. A variety of camp activities and the kids have the opportunity to meet other kids that share similar life experiences.



  • Ostomy Halifax will pay for the entire cost of the camp for any child from Atlantic Canada if a family does not have the means to pay the registration fee. If you have the means to help in part, that would be greatly appreciated. Ostomy Halifax may also be able to assist with the cost of a support worker for a child who needs additional help

  • The Guts and Glory camp will have approximately 75 campers

  • The camp will have 4 nurses on site for the entire week to administer medications, first aid and to assist with medical procedures

  • The village has 5 lodges, a large dining hall, dock and beach area, trails, fire pits, playground and an overnight camp site 



Ostomy Halifax's Brigadoon Coordinator:
Elaine Jeffery

Camp Brigadoon website