Ostomy Halifax Society (OHS) is a volunteer-led organization and we are
passionate about helping people with ostomies to live life to the fullest!
Volunteers do everything at OHS and we are very proud of what we do.

We have a meeting of all members, the first Sunday of every month (except
in July and August). Our greeters meet you at the door, get you signed in
and make you feel welcome. You may notice someone making coffee or putting
out the chairs for the meeting as you wait for the meeting to begin.

We run an excellent visitation program and our trained, volunteer visitors
see many new ostomates annually, usually in the hospital.

Our volunteer team sends young people to camp in hopes they will have fun,
relax, and perhaps learn something about themselves and others along the

We run OHS with a volunteer executive and business team, volunteer
committees - all powered by a passion to help, support others and to have
fun doing it.

Want to join our team or contribute financially? We would love to hear
from you.